Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DeFoe Manor

Dear Sarah,

I went out to town this morning. It's such a quaint little village. Everyone seemed to know each other. The townspeople are friendly enough and knew immediately who I am, referring to me as the lady living up at DeFoe Manor. I think I shall enjoy living here. It's much different than Derry. Derry always felt so seedy, but Havenburg is so peaceful. Almost as if one could leave the doors unlocked and not have to worry about thieves. However, I did hear the queerest thing when I went down to the cafe. The waitress seemed genuinely nice enough and she greeted me very courteously. Then she told me to ignore rumors that DeFoe Manor is haunted! Assuredly, I had to scoff at her. She informed me that there is no basis for the rumor yet it persists. I did not know this, but my Uncle had never resided in DeFoe Manor, and the manor has been vacant for over 60 years! She then stated that no one has ever seen anyone step foot near the manor, apart from childish dares, since its vacancy.  I assured her that this could not be true, as the grounds were very well taken care of, with no overgrown hedges, and the interior was immaculate.  The waitress then told me that that is precisely why the rumors are going round, that the townspeople attribute the immaculate state of the manor to the grounds being haunted.  While it is true that I have not seen a groundskeeper at all since I've moved into the Manor, I cannot believe such nonsense.  Ghosts!  Can you believe that?

Your friend,

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