Thursday, January 30, 2014

DeFoe Manor

To my dearest Sarah,

You really must see DeFoe Manor, it is simply magnificent. I am still waiting for my belongings to be shipped from Derry. How fortunate that the mansion is fully furnished so that I can already begin living on the grounds. I am still in disbelief from the inheritance. As I have already told you I knew of Uncle Joseph, but I have not heard from him since I was a girl. To inherit such a manor is beyond my wildest imaginations. I do hope you can forgive me for moving to England on such short notice, but you must understand that there really is nothing for me in Derry anymore since Mother passed away last spring. Once I get everything worked and am finally settled in to DeFoe Manor, I shall send a formal invite to you. You must come. I do not know if I would ever be able to forgive you if you declined. Tomorrow I shall explore the grounds of the manor. The manor covers a large amount of land, I have no idea how I shall live here all by my lonesome.

 Please write soon. I do miss you so.


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